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                Cai Yun Company participated in 2018 Guangzhou International Textile Digital Printing Technology Exhibition

                Column:Company News Time:2018-05-23
                Cai Yun Fine Chemicals participated in 2018 Guangzhou International Textile Digital Printing Technology Exhibition (the 13th) with its new products.

                Cai Yun Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd participated in 2018 Guangzhou International Textile Digital Printing Technology Exhibition (the 13th) from May 20 to 22 with its new products. The three-day exhibition, involving more than 300 industry elite enterprises from home and abroad, exhibited printing machines, printing materials and other related equipment, and is recognized as one of the most influential and professional textile printing exhibitions in China’s textile industry.


                At the exhibition, our company demonstrated the application of water-based paste in the field of digital printing. After printing our soft underbase clear paste and digital white paste, color pattern was directly inkjet printed on the spot and was coated with our matt coating paste, which resulted in brightly colored pattern and soft hand feeling. Our coating paste makes the printed surface as smooth as baby’s skin and brings about the refined feeling of matt effect. The perfect combination of inkjet printing and digital underbase pastes was well displayed and our products won unanimous praise from the visitors.


                Meanwhile, our company also demonstrated the new product of 900 light-weight high density paste on oval machine. It has the following features: becoming thick quickly, light weight, strong fastness, smooth and soft hand feeling, strong three-dimensional sense with no warping, available to use for both manual printing and machine printing, and meeting washing requirements of various major brands.


                From June 22 to 24, Cai Yun team will be in Colombo to attend the 2018 Sri Lanka International Screen Printing Exhibition which is held every 2 years, bringing together nearly 200 related enterprises from 14 countries including China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Germany. On the occasion, we would sincerely invite you to visit the Sri Lanka Exhibition and witness the excellence of Cai Yun Company. The pavilion is  located in Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC), Colombo, and our booth No. is: A80. We look forward to meeting you there!